Announcement of soliciting opinions from the public

Source: Zhejiang yongerjia Environmental Protection TechnoRelease time: 2023-11-01

All relevant units and individuals:

According to the relevant requirements of the "Group Standard Management Regulations" (Zhejiang Quality Supervision Letter [2023] No. 148), we are now publicly soliciting opinions on the "Made in Zhejiang" standard for household biological kitchen waste machines drafted by Zhejiang Yongerjia Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (draft for soliciting opinions). The solicitation period is from October 31 to December 1. Please provide feedback on the "Solicitation Form" to the email within the time limit: If overdue, it will be considered as no objection.


1. Explanation on the Preparation of the "Made in Zhejiang" Standard for Household Biological Kitchen Waste Appliances (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)

2. Draft Standard for Household Biological Kitchen Waste Machine (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)

3. Solicitation Form